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Project Offspring: My Motivation


Those of you who have been following Project Offspring from the beginning know that the idea itself was born quite a while before fund-raising ever started. I would like to share a very important turning point with you.

Around the time we officially decided to make this happen, I spoke to a number of people. I am very blessed to have people that support this idea and were willing to give me advice in several different areas. One of the pieces of advice I received changed my entire outlook. A friend of mine recently retired but worked in a very high business position for over 35 years. He told me that before I started to tell the public about this idea, I had to prepare myself for one painful fact. He said that when looking for investors, I had to remember that I was a Black woman. I knew what he was getting at. Still, I asked him to elaborate. Part of his job, before he retired, was to measure probable capital from new investments. He told me that as a straight white man, his idea would be estimated very differently than mine. One of the things I love about him is that he pulls no punches. His next line hit me like a ton of bricks. I felt like I already knew but I’d never heard it said in such a precise, truthful way. He said:

White men get funding for their idea. Black women get funding for their profits.”

He went on to say that a solid business idea from a white man would be much more likely to get investors than the same plan from a Black woman. He told me that Black women have to make a profit first, then people will invest. 

Although this information didn’t feel like anything new, I still couldn’t help but angrily ask, “How is a Black woman supposed to get start up capital if she can’t get investors without first showing a profit?” To which he simply replied, “She’s not.” 

I wrote this three line exchange down and posted it on my wall above my computer. I wanted to see it every single day. Initially, I wrote them down because I was so angry that I just wanted to see the words in front of me. Then, I went to the place that I have realized many women in my position go to. I thought about having a “Face” of Project Offspring. Jonathan Miller, the site’s web designer, is a white male. He could be the face, I thought! This disturbing thought lasted all of one day. The idea that I shouldn’t or worse, couldn’t do this because of my skin color and/or gender, infuriated me.  

I decided that I would make this my motivation. This above all else. Project Offspring was always intended to help people. It was always supposed to be a safe place, a creative place and a welcoming place. What better way to start that story than by proving those that don’t believe in me, this project of the need for this site, wrong!

Once again, not our usual post, but we like to promote other PoC projects!

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