The Arkh Project is an effort by some queer people of color to make a 3-D RPG that runs off the beaten path. This blog tracks its development.

yosituna asked: I'm curious: what engine are you using for the game? Awhile back you said you were going to make the game in Unreal Development Kit (UDK) rather than Unity, and the test level in Skyrim rather than the Aurora Engine. However, in your expenses you listed two copies of the Okashi RPG kit, which is specifically for Unity as far as I can tell (?). I was just wondering what engine you're planning to use for the final game itself.

After finding ORK, we decided to do the test level in Unity itself, which is what we’ve been working in since starting programming on it. That way, it can be widely playable and instead of just a narrative prototype which was all that was possible in Skyrim, it will be an actual prototype with all of the basic game functions included. With ORK, we’ll be able to do that with volunteer programming alone.

As far as engine for the final game, we’ve gotten a lot of advice on what’s best to use, so we’ve decided to stay open on it until we can finish the prototype. It will be given to the programming team we’re gone with, and they will make a superior decision on the best engine to use based on their talents, capabilities, and experiences. We think that’s the easiest way to make things move smoothly.

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